Our Location

299-B  Main Street

Gorham,  ME  04038

(next to St. Anne's Church)


Thursday mornings

from 9 - 11 am

Second and fourth Wednesday

of the month, 6 - 7 pm

PHONE  207-222-4351

Email   director@gorhamfoodpantry.org

PO Box 547   Gorham, ME  04038



Any Gorham resident may utilize the services of the Gorham Food Pantry.

We accept the following as proof of residency:

  • Current Section 8 / Subsidized Housing Document
  • Current SS / SSDI / DHS Document
  • Current utility bill



Can I get help if I am not a Gorham resident?

Click here to view all food pantries in Cumberland County.



What can I expect when I visit the Pantry?

After showing proof of residency and completing our client intake form on your first visit, you will sign in confidentially at the front desk and have a seat in our waiting room.  When it is your turn to shop, a volunteer will greet you.  With a shopping cart, bags, and a quantity guideline sheet based on your family size, the two of you will work your way through the Pantry, making your individual choices based on your preferences and needs.  Offerings may vary from month to month, but you always will find a variety of choices, including canned goods, dry goods, fresh produce, frozen meats, and basic toiletries and household items.



CONFIDENTIALITY:  Please understand we need to collect some personal information on our client intake form for funding purposes.  We depend on you to be truthful.  Please be as accurate as possible with the information you provide.  Periodically, we may ask you to update this information, in order to keep our records accurate.  We will keep your information private and safe.  We ask you to respect other clients’ privacy by following the Confidential Sign-In procedure.




You may visit the Pantry once (1 time) per month. Contact us if your need is greater than that.  We can support you with an emergency box.

We ask for respectful conduct on the Pantry property, including: the parking lot, entry ramp, waiting room, shopping area, etc.




  • Reselling of any goods obtained here is strictly prohibited by law.
  • Returning any goods to a retail store for a refund is strictly prohibited by law.
  • Reselling or returning goods can cause:

The Pantry to lose its Good Shepherd Food Bank contract, thereby losing our major food source;

Your restricted use of the Pantry; or

Your criminal prosecution.



NO SMOKING: This is a smoke-free campus.  No smoking is permitted.  Violation may result in restricted use of the Pantry.



PHONE  207-222-4351

E-mail   director@gorhamfoodpantry.org

PO Box 547   Gorham, ME  04038